Most people do not know much about the actual background of the Christian religion and of the Jesus figure. On these pages I'll give you some of the facts that the Church doesn't want its congregations to know.
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It is more relevant to ask: Why do modern, otherwise-rational grown-ups still believe in a primitive, blood-thirsty, vengeful, raving, intolerant, invisible desert-goblin? Read more
Some say yes, others say no. What is really the evidence in this case?
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Are there any non-Christian historical records that can tell us anything of the "historical" Jesus? Read more.
Is the Bible really what it is presenting itself to be? It is obviously written by men and not by the hand of God. Is it authentic, or is it the result of centuries of rewriting, editing and forgeries?
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Most of the aspects of the Jesus-figure can be found in the stories of older gods and god-men. What are the sources for the virgin birth, the wonders, the disciples, the teachings, and the death and resurrection motifs? Get your enlightenment here
We would think that the teachings of a "God" or "son of God" should at least be coherent, consistent and have flawless moral. Well, the teachings of Jesus are none of these things.
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A lot of people think that our western ethics and moral values are based on Christianity and the Bible. And without this glorious and holy heritage we would all be immoral and unethical perverts. This is of course utter nonsense.See here why.
Both the muslim Allah and the Jewish/Christian Jehovah are actually the very same God (and both names simply means "God"). Muslims, Jews and Christians have all a common ancestry-story back to good old Abraham. Read more.

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The history of Christianity is in its most pronounced traits, a history of war, - one single long war against both outer and inner enemies. Wars fought on behalf of or under direct command of the Church, civil wars, offensive wars and wars fought against different thinking people. Read more
Why do Christianity have a such a huge problem with women and sex. What is really Christianitys view on women and sexuality, and what is the point of celibacy and chastity? And a little about the pious madness it led to.
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The religious intolerance is specific for monotheism! What is the realities behind the persecutions of Christians and the Christian martyr stories? Read on
Is the core doctrine in Christianity really a "message of love" as the theologians tell us?
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Why is Santa Claus the only original "Christian" part of Christmas?
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How do you argue with people who sincerely believe in heavenly spirits, in angels, abracadabra and bodily ascension? Read more
What is the background of the Old Testament, who wrote it, when and why? Read more
What can the last decades of archaeological and linguistic research tell us of the historical value of the Bible? Does it have any? Read more
The Ten Commandments are not original, especially Christian or very useful for any society past or present. Read why here.
Read about Christianity's and the Church's view and understanding of knowledge and education through history. Get your enlightenment here
The writers of the Bible “borrowed” blatantly from older myths, stories and motifs, not at least from the rich Sumerian culture. Read more
What do we know of the Bible’s great leader – Moses? Historical figure, or just another biblical myth? Read more
The Gospel’s stories of the crucifixion of Christ are strange and raise more questions than answers. Read on
What does the Gospels tell us about the Resurrection of Jesus. Does the stories make sense at all? Read more
Top Ten indications that you’re over-obsessed with religion:
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VIDEO: Imagine No Religion
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To prove the existence of mythological beings is a fairly hopeless undertaking. This, however, hasn’t discouraged believers to have a go at it up through the centuries. Read more
Today, Christianity has become a believe-whatever-you-want religion. It is no longer polite for liberal Christians to believe in the Jehovah of the Old Testament. Read more
VIDEO: Did Jesus Exist?

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Debunking religion and a resource for critical information

When confronted with the problem of Evil the believers usually argue that God created man with a free will and that’s why there still is suffering and evil in the world. Read more
A good selection of Atheist Quotes.
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What is really religions main contributions to the world and to humanity? Read more.
VIDEO: Jesus vs Santa

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Moderate threat
Religion is not an unambiguous notion. Nor are the the individual religions with one meaning. Meeting religious fanatism we are often told that these fanatics do not represent the “true” religion. But what is “true” religion in reality? Read more.
Today, after having developed sciences, controlled electricity, atomic energy, eradicated diseases, landed on the moon and even charted the building stones of life itself (DNA) – the world still stands up to its armpits in religious muck. Why? Read more.