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The three book-religions and their God (wether he is called God, Jehova, Jahwe or Allah, it's the very same goblin) have no sense of humour whatsoever. Their dogmas and characters are also completely lacking both humour and self-irony. Laughter, jokes and fun have no place in the worship. The brouhaha with the Muhammad cartoons showed this in full colour and with brutal clarity.

Holy things are not to be ridiculed, and that is exactly why they should be ridiculed. Why should religion be above ridicule anyway? If God and the religions can’t take some ridicule, they cannot have much faith in their own case. A solid, well founded and confident belief system, would hardly mind some ridicule, would it?

Fear is these religions first and foremost asset, fear of God, fear of death and fear of a fictious eternal punishment. Ridicule takes away the fear, and without the fear the religions are like the naked emperor standing there with just a bunch of stupid old stories.

Most people find superstitions a bit ridiculous. We laugh at "childish" ideas like the tooth fairy and Santa Claus and his flying raindeers. But most would not dream of laughing at the ridiculous and bizarre teachings of the Christian religion. Why not? There is no real substantial difference between superstitions and religious faith.*

Looking back at history, the Church has, since the fourth century, killed people whose opinions deviated just a tiny bit from the proper orthodox Christian teachings. If it hadn't been for the Renaissance and the Enlightenment-movement of the 18-century, the Church would probably still be burning people at the stake today - in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. It is certainly not to the Church's credit that we no longer have the death penalty for heresy.

No organization has waged more war, killed more people, destroyed more cultures and resisted human progress more than the Holy Christian Church.

No surprise few dare laugh at Christianity.

*Usually religious faith is defined as the religious beliefs endorsed by the authorities, and superstitions as the beliefs not endorsed by the authorities. Both are delusions though.

"It is the Christians own dogmatic
which ridicule the God
they worship"

A. Øverland

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