Islam - just a branch of Christianity?

Both the muslim Allah and the Jewish/Christian Jehovah are actually the very same God (and both names simply means "God"). Muslims, Jews and Christians have all a common ancestry-story back to good old Abraham. Their common mythic background is based on the same texts. Ever since the beginning Christianity has been torn between numerous different sects and interpretations of the holy texts. Especially the holy trinity has been at the very core of these differences. The Church has never been able to intelligible explain (either to itself or others) the concept of trinity, this "pinnacle of theological ingenuity".

In the beginning of the century Mohammed (c. 570-632) had a series of visions, and started his own branch of Christianity by stating that there was only one God (Allah=God). Jesus was in Mohammeds eyes not to be seen as Gods son, but was as Mohammed himself just one of Gods prophets (and there went the holy trinity out the window). He also introduced the five pillars of faith, but in essence, Islam is just a chapter of Christianity. A huge amount of the teachings are therefore also similar, and both religions are just as primitive and preoccupied with a wide variety of ridiculous religious rules, eternal punishment of the non-believers (and pretty much everyone else with deviating views) and a divine heaven for the believing members of the congregation.

Most enlightened western people are appalled by the harsh and medieval Sharia-laws of Islam, none seem to see that we find the exact same laws and recommended punishments in the holy Bible. We shall not forget that it is not so long ago since Christianity also chopped of heads and different limbs and burned people at the stake of deviating faith, and waged holy wars in all directions. (Hey, the right wing Christian fundamentalist George Bush have just revived the crusade thing. "God bless America" and "Gott mit uns" spells exactly the same to me. Fundamentalism is fundamentalism no matter the religion or no matter if you wear a turban or a stetson hat). The mix of religious fundamentalism and political power has always been the classic recipe for human suffering, atrocities and disaster.

The most obvious difference between Islam and Christianity, is that Christianity has had 600 more years to lose its secular power in most western societies.

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Islam - a branch of Christianity?